New Elementary Particle Discovered

Dr. Fritz Vondrehle has announced the discovery of a new elementary particle at the smaller Hadron Collider  in Minsk, Belarus. He is excited that it tends to support his version of string theory.

Dr> Vondrehle in front of a cut-out photo of a particle collider
Dr Vodrehle poses with his infamous melted goggles

” All this talk of Higgs Boson’s will pale in comparison to my discovery of this particle” Still un-named while awaiting publication,.This never before imagined particle could undermine what is called “the Standard Theory” and replace it with “Silly string theory” as he calls it. It is believed that this new particle will unite all of the previously ridiculous string theories together, much like old Alfredo sauce glues spaghetti into an unified mass.

This discovery happened unexpectedly when Vondrehle mistakenly opened a wave-guide containment panel, thinking it was the shared microwave oven used by staff, and inserted a “Super Burrito” in to it. The resulting explosion melted his protective glasses and briefly turned the Tortilla into a Bowl of SpaghettiO’s. Proof that this is, indeed, an Elementary Particle.

“These are  truly, the dreams that stuff is made of!” He is quoted to have said.

 -Mr Scuzz