Super-Intellegent Dinosaurs found in Antarctic

Image courtesy of: Vladovo-Istock
Image courtesy of: Vladovo-Istock

Queen Mary Land Antarctica- nearly 600 miles inland from the coast lies: Lake Vostock, a sub-glacial lake tapped in 2012 by Russian scientists. Little did they know that also living beneath the ice was a lost civilization where intelligent Dinosaurs still live and rule. This photo, taken by a group during the 2013 season, is proof that not only do Dinosaurs still exist, but they rival humans in smarts- they even wear clothes.
“As you can see, they are much smaller than their ancestors.” says Ivo Vanashevsky, of the Russian research team. “But they still have bloodlust running through their veins.” He goes on to recount how meetings between the Dinosaurs and Humans have, so far, ended badly. “They lack any moral development and will kill anyone they get their claws on. They take the clothing, supplies, and meat leaving nothing but red snow when they finish”
And meetings between these horrid creatures are on the rise. Wuth the advent of touch-screen technology they have be ordering and hording Ipads, Kindles, and even Nexus Tablets. Fed Ex dog-team mushers have reported being very uneasy making these deliveries. “We don’t believe thay had any interest in computers until the technology reached a level that they could access it with their claws and tails” continues Vanashevsky.
” We need global resolve to find and wipe out this race.” He concludes with terror in his eyes, ” Before someone decides to ‘protect’ them. They would never extend the same favor to us.  And once they discover the internet, they’ll know our every weakness.
Write you Congressman, start a petition, do everything you can before it’s too late. This is not the time for complacency – you saw it here first: on Scuzzfeed.
-Robert Boberton