America has Ebola “Fever”

Dallas Tx.– America has Ebola fever- but not the kind you’re thinking  of.  While several cases have occurred on American soil, the dreaded plague is not here yet.  But you wouldn’t know it from watching the T.V., or cruising the internet.  Ebola scares- that makes it hot news. And hot news is big business.
Georgia Governor Nathan Deal made headlines with his comforting news that: “Water Kills Ebola” . Not one to be alarmed by facts, he further stated: ” Of course water kills ebola. Water is more dangerous than smoking. Didn’t you get that e-mail. I got that e-mail, everyone I know got that e-mail.” I found it in my Spam box.

Silly Gits fill Americas street with intolerance for: "so-called Science"
Silly Gits fill Americas street with intolerance for: “so-called Science”

And speaking of true, as in: truely insane,  Ebola “Right to Life” protests have spawned across parts of America. 
“Let no man destroy what God hath created”  Is the sentiment posited by Roy B. Andersnatch, an organizer of protests in Texas. “We believe Jesus is coming soon, and this is just his way of saying: ‘Howdy Sinners’ .”  And he is not alone.  Dozens of people have taken to the streets in an effort to sway public opinion. 
We asked  born- again Pastor and Television Personality Andy Mowwwack if these citizens had a point. ” Oh, definitely: Yes.” He replied. “We have only to look at this outbreak to see the love of Jesus in it.  It’s God’s way of punishing  people for not being Americans.” Hmmmm…
 Pox news has presented quite a non-stop barrage of viewer frightening; on an quarter-hourly basis.  Commentators can’t seem to get enough of every discarded shred of conjecture they can get their grubby little hands on.  Perhaps Africas’ biggest problem is a lack of free- market Capitalism. Surely, the private sector could wipe out the epidemic just as quickly as they wipe out your credit.
If only there was a way to blame Obama.
Radio host Michael Savage has their back on this one. On his widely syndicated show he questioned the sanity of sending soldiers to help in Africa; where ebola is an actual threat.
“Why would he (President Obama) send American troops into an ebola hot zone?  Unless of course, his plan is to infect them and bring it back home.”  He rants with foamed mouth fury.  -Cut to commercial.
It’s just a sad fact that since America has no real problems there seems ample room for this micro-hysteria. But it’s just another shiny thing,  a “squirrel” to distract us from our real reality. As long as the word “Ebola” has the power to enthrall, someone will use it to grab our attention and then fill our heads with sacks of Blarney.
America has Ebola fever. And it’s contagious. So far, there is no accepted treatment.

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-Kenneth Kenbow