Wisconsin passes “Truth in Advertising” Law

So this is what "Truth in Advertising" looks like?
So this is what “Truth in Advertising” looks like?

Madison Wi- Scott Walker recently signed into law sweeping “truth in advertising” rules. This historic piece of Progressive legislation comes from one of the most backward looking administrations at a time when Walker has just declared his candidacy for President in 2016. “How could this happen?” You ask. How could a man who fights for the rights of the rich and corporations possibly sign a Bill with stunning repercussions for both groups? Is this some kind of change of heart, or a devious play for centrist votes?
Not likely.
Governor Walker, who is undergoing treatment for Pedum in Ore syndrome, accidentally signed the bill while under the influence of Oxy-Codone pain killers that he was given by Rush Limbaugh, a fellow sufferer. In a fit of delirium, while hallucinating that he was, in fact, already President, Gov. Walker began signing every piece of paper in his office.
The Bill, an April Fools joke penned by long time confidant Tom Nardelli, and passed by the Republican dominated legislature had been sitting on his desk, presumably waiting for him to learn to read. When his pen hit the Bill, it magically became law, making Wisconsin a Vanguard of consumer protection. Something the State was ill-prepared to do. 
When Gov. Walker was informed of what he had done, he tried to take it back. But Wisconsin Court of Appeals, District IV issued this ruling: ” No take-backsies on enacted legislation without due process”. After the ruling was explained to him, Gov. Walker instructed the State Legislature to begin drafting a bill to remove all court oversight within the State. It seems, that bill too, had been written as an April Fools joke the year before. Wisconsin is well-known as a State of jokesters. But it seems that the State (and Federal) Constitution forbids such legislation. So now they wait.
When asked for comment, Gov. Walker had this to say: “When I’m president, I’ll just have to fix the Constitution to eliminate these pesky courts, just like our fore fathers intended.”

        -Kenneth Kenbow