Internet Troll Found Under Bridge

Exclusive Photo of an actual Internet Troll- Only on Scuzzfeed
Exclusive Photo of an actual Internet Troll- Only on Scuzzfeed

Bergen, Norway – Scuzzfeed has obtained the exclusive rights to this mysterious photograph taken in western Norway by a professional Bear hunter known only as Hans. While many people assume Internet Trolls are just nasty people, we now have proof otherwise.
“Oh, they’re a separate species alright,” Say Hans through an interpreter, ” And Internet Trolls are unique in their ability to master technology. Although there are several closely related Breeds, such as the Copyright, and the Patent Trolls.”
Skilled as he may be in the Art of Troll extermination, Hans admits to being at a loss for how to control these new Foes of Humanity.
“At the first sign that they are being pursued, they fight back horribly. They threaten with Lawsuits, hire investigators to crawl inside your life. And then, They  take your entire life and just delete it.  And if they ever get ahold of your Facebook account,— Holy Jævela Dritt!”
So what are we to do against such a feckless and vile adversary you ask? We fight them on the own playing field; where we are equal. We fight them on the Internet itself, we fight them with our superior wit and with our wicked social skills. They are, after all, just a bunch of Trolls.